Organization for Autism Research

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OAR's focus and commitment is to research that illuminates the challenges faced by those living with autism. OAR funds studies that examine the efficacy of current treatments and methodologies, and explore new avenues using proven scientific methods.

Through carefully designed studies and programs, OAR ultimately provides information that guides parents, families, and professionals in decisions concerning treatments, education, employment, and life care. OAR calls it "Practical research for those living with autism"--using discoveries through applied autism research to enhance and maximize life's opportunities for those living with autism.

Recognizing that autism is a lifelong disorder and that people with autism will spend most of their lives as adults, OAR has crafted a research strategy that considers the total population. By focusing on five principal areas: diagnosis, treatment, education, work, and housing, this approach supports the conventional wisdom vis-a-vis the importance of early diagnosis, intervention, and treatment and recognizes the critical role of education, work and housing relative to life's prospects for adults with autism.