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Keshet is an organization that provides educational and recreational programs for children with special needs. We at Keshet deeply believe that every child deserves the opportunity to participate in the mainstream of their community. That's why the children of Keshet integrate into schools and camps along-side their typically developing peers. By being able to assist these children to become a part of their community, Keshet fulfill its most important mission - to bring the rich flavor of life's experiences to all children.

Three philosophies intertwine all of Keshet's programs:  All children are accepted regardless of the nature of their disability,  Keshet is a parent-driven organization. Through this empowerment, Keshet parents have been able to turn the challenges incumbent in having a child with disabilities into productive and healing action, and the children are integrated with the assistance of staff into the school and camp programs of their local neighborhood.

Keshet's personnel costs and therapy services make up 75% of Keshet annual expenses. Only one third of our 2.8 million dollar budget comes from parent paid fees and tuition. The remainder comes from Keshet's annual fund raising campaigns, private donations, and foundation grants. The Keshet Rainbow Banquet, attracting over 1,800 prominent Chicagoans, last year raised over 1.1 million dollars for the children of Keshet.